Few curious minds to have these questions, what is  the Ideal age to start trading. Actually, there is no right or wrong age to start trading. Age is just the technicality of when you are legally allowed to start trading on your own. Moreover, If you have an appetite to make money and take risks, you are good to go.

Our experts do have a few suggestions for you to consider the “Ideal Age” to start trading

  • In India, you need to be 18 years old, an adult to trade in the market.
  • As an adult, you will have to open a DEMAT and Bank account through which to trade in stocks and shares.
  • “Early Bird catches the worms”. When you start investing early, your investment grows exponentially. Over time, the amount of money you have invested compounds into a significant asset.
  • Joining the world of stocks and shares at an early age has its advantages. You have a longer time to gain the required experience in the market. You have the freedom to take greater risks.
  • However, in the later years, you will have the flexibility to make decisions of your own. You will also have enough income to be able to enter the market with substantial funds.
  • It’s great to start young, but there is absolutely no reason to believe that it’s too late to start trading at any point in life. More important to remember is that there are no shortcuts to experience and to learn. Finance isn’t something you just “pick up” over a year or 2. It takes time, effort & patience.
  • As Waffen Buffet quoted in one of his books, “When you own a stock, you own part of a company. So Study what makes a good company”.

So while it is not important to focus on the age when it comes to trading, entering it with an open mind & discipline to carry on, will surely help you towards success.

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